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Questions that Imagine Cup Judges Asked in Q&A (Game Design)

How much of this project is content you obtained from other sources, ie: art assets, game engine, open source code, purchased content, etc.?

What are the sources of help you have received?  Who is your mentor and why did you pick him/her?

In what way is your game the same/different from other games that are already available?

What are the goals that you want to acheive by having someone play this game?

Who is your target audience for this game?

What game play elements are innovative?

What kind of user testing have you done?

What is the average / estimated playable time for this game from start to finish?

What distribution channel do you envision for this game? Facebook? Console/XNA Indie Game?  Web Download?

How do you win this game?  How do you fail?

What technology did you use to build the game?

How did you go about picking this theme/approach?

If you had another week/month, what design element would you add?

What was the biggest technical challenge you faced?

How much time have you invested in creating this game?  When did you start?


Questions that Imagine Cup Judges Asked in Q&A (Software Design)

How would you get this product to market?

What would be the first market you would pursue for this product?

How would you price this product?

Are there multiple versions (for different users/audiences) of this product?